Audiomica Beryl Gold
Audiomica Beryl Gold
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Beryl Gold is a great analogue interconnect cable designed to be used in two channel connections or Audio-Visual systems. The cable offer great frequency response and fantastic bass. The best results gives when used in set with Kammer Clear speaker cable. Beryl Gold has concentric structure and is equipped with a DFSS anti-interference filter and the DSS double screening system.

The cable is hand-terminated with gold-plated RCA or XLR plugs. The original cord is packed in a signed wooden box. The box includes the certificate of authenticity, a brochure with the description of the series, a product code and a personal quality assurance.

Beryl Gold is a universal analogue interconnect cable for Hi-Fi and Audio-Visual systems.

Modification 0.1

The modification consists in the use of new RCA plugs. Through applyng our AML Gold RCAs, the sound quality has increased, however, the plugs have not influenced the general character of the cables. The new wires have been available through our distributors since November 2014.

Model: Audiomica AML/XL
Series: AML Gold:
- RCA (Chinch) - 24-carat gold plated.
- The whole connector is made of non-magnetic metal.
- Pin with a slit - expansive.
- Screw casing which provides perfect plug-receptacle fitting and protects against unplugging.
- Width 15mm, length 55mm.

 Conductors: Two 99,99999 OFC conductors
 Shield: Dense 80% OFC cover braid
 The outer diameter: 2x17 AWG
 Cable diameter: 11 AWG
 Plugs: RCA (AML/XL or AML/L)
 Filter: DFSS
 Color: Black
 Series: BLACK Series

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