Audiomica Ness Excellence last version used 1,5m
Audiomica Ness Excellence last version used 1,5m
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Ness Excellence is made of oxygen-free monocrystalline OCC (Ohno Continous Casting) N6 copper. Each wire consists of 85 microconductors. The wires are placed in an FEP isolation (Teflon) and a whole cable is prevented against electromagnetic interference by copper braid screen.

Connectors from our highest series, Ultra Reference, are used in Ness Excellence as well. The connectors are silver-plated in the two-stage galvanisation process. Thanks to this, the silver layer is three times thicker than after applying a standard method of silver-plating and is 5-7 micron thicker in comparison to a standard 2-micron layer.

The fantastic sound of the cable is fully determined by its structure: warm and saturated thanks to the thick copper conductor, as well as dynamic and controlled thanks to its silver termination.

 Conductors: Four OCC, N6 conductors
 Screen: 90% cover dense copper braid
 The outer diameter: 4x12 AWG 
 Cable diameter: 9 AWG
 Microconductors: 340 (4X85)
 Plugs: Silver-plated AC and IEC
 Color: Red
 Series: Excellence

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