Auralic Aries G2 server
Auralic Aries G2 server
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Condition 8,7/10 

Box condition 6/10 (Box is not in good situation from basement leak)

Additional accessories 

QSA Yellow fuse

Hoerwege POWER-SUPPLY for G2 + G2.1, ready-to-play circuit board

The ARIES G2 Wireless Streaming Transporter is the component that links your home audio system to sources of high-resolution digital music, streaming local or Internet content straight to your hi-fi.

Adding high-resolution digital streaming to your system is as easy as connecting ARIES G2 to your home network via WiFi or Ethernet.

Once connected, ARIES G2 can access digital music that's stored anywhere on your network, and stream it to your DAC for decoding and playback on your system.

Your digital library can be stored on any computer that's on your network for example, or on a dedicated media server (NAS drive) if you have one. ARIES G2 can access Internet sources too.

Lossless music streaming services like TIDAL are great ways to explore new music, and just like for music files on your local network, ARIES G2 provides the high-performance pathway to your equipment for great sounding playback.

If you've got a digital library and want to simplify setup, ARIES G2 also gives you the option to plug in a USB hard disk drive (or SSD) with your music on it -- or even install a drive internally so that ARIES G2 becomes its own media server.

The ARIES G2 supports nearly every digital music format and high-resolution music source, providing bit-perfect streaming up to DSD512.

Whether on its own or working in consort with other G Series devices from AURALiC, the ARIES G2 redefines the sound of digital audio connectivity.


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