Canary Audio M3000 Monoblock Amplifiers
Canary Audio M3000 Monoblock Amplifiers
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The M3000 is an incredible Class A push-pull monoblock amplifier.

It shares the same circuitry as our flagship Grand Reference monoblock amplifier but with all the tubes showcasing on the front.

Operating under triode mode and with the use of sixteen 300 tubes in total (eight 300B tubes per monoblock), the M3000 is capable to deliver 120 watts of power without stressing or pushing the tubes to their limit.

The M3000 also offers a balanced input with the use of a line input transformer.

The M3000 uses the latest monoblock circuitry and only highest quality parts and components are used throughout the amplifier circuit.

The power and output transformers are custom wound in the USA in order to meet our high standards.

The transformers are then potted with electrical grade epoxy resin to further eliminate vibration and with better heat dissipation.

Two independent chokes are employed for rectifier filtering on each channel.

The main chassis of the M3000 is constructed with the use of 3/8" thick aluminum panels.

Each piece is CNC machined according to our specs, hand polished and then anodized in silver and gold to create the elegant two tone finish.

The speaker binding posts on the rear of the amplifier are custom made for the best in long-life wear and maximum signal transfer.

Even the 300B tube sockets are exclusively made by us for better connectivity.

The Muscular Canary: Delivering high power music at wide dynamic range with ultra low distortion and very quiet background, the M3000 will be the centerpiece of your audio system for years. Maybe the muscular canary doesn't exist in nature, but if one existed, it might sound something like this amplifier.

Special Features: Balanced input with the use of the Jensen Line Input Transformer.

Custom oversized EI power and output transformers.

Rectifier with double choke filtering (two chokes are employed per channel).

Exclusive machined Delrin 300B tube sockets with gold plated pin receptacles.

Custom made gold plated binding posts.

100% handcrafted in California, USA.

Also available under different configuration with the use of sixteen KT88 tubes (350 Watts output).

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