Canary Audio M608 class A EL43 integrated amplifier
Canary Audio M608 class A EL43 integrated amplifier
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M608 Integrated Amplifier The Legend Continues:

The award winning CA-608 was our very first integrated amplifier and since the day it launched, it soon became a big hit and was very well received by many audiophiles all around the world.

The CA-608 was in production from June 1999 until November 2006.

We had to discontinue the CA-608 because many of the original parts and components were out of production and no longer available.

Rebirth of the CA-608:

We've received many requests for the CA-608 from time to time and we finally decided to it back to production.

Based on the original CA-608, the M608 uses four EL34 output tubes in a modified circuitry and operates under ultra-linear mode.

Like all of our other products, the M608 is built with the highest quality parts and components that we could ever find.

The power and output transformers are hand made in the USA according to our specs.

Swiss made ELMA rotary switch with gold-plated contacts is used as the input selector.

Japanese Alps volume control pot is used for pricise volume adjusting.

MIT PPFXS MultiCaps are used in key circuit locations.

The Prefect Combination:

The M608 integrated amplifier is the result for the combination of our extraordinary designs in power amplifiers and preamplifiers.

A combination that brings a new level of excitement and musical enjoyment.

Special Features:

  • Rectifier with choke filtering.
  • Newly designed high voltage power supply.
  • Custom hand made power and output transformers.
  • Japanese Alps volume control pot.
  • Swiss made ELMA rotary switch with gold-plated contacts.
  • Four pair of single-ended inputs with gold plated RCA jacks.
  • Military spec printed circuit boards with extra thick copper traces.
  • Advanced soft latching power on/off circuit with stainless steel push button switch.
  • 100% handcrafted in California, USA.

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