Cartridge Enabler
Cartridge Enabler
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  • Product Code: Cartridge Enabler
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  • 35.00€

Cartridge Enabler Reviews

“With the Cartridge Enabler attached, an ageing Audio Technica OC9 seriously took on a brand new Benz Micro Glider and didn’t embarass itself, that is £320 + £19 against £895. I call that value for money.” Read the full review >
Tony Sharman (Reviewer for Hi-Fi Magazines)

“Enhanced sound quality by the bag full, whether you’re looking at a high-end system or a simpler budget design or anything in between. The Cartridge Enabler improves overall sonic quality across the frequency spectrum. In fact, the Origin Live Cartridge Enabler is one of those ‘no brainer’ add ons. Read the full review >
The Audiophile Man (Professional Reviewer)

“I would never have imagined that such a tiny piece of material could – albeit placed in a critical position – make so much difference”
Hi Fi World

“Origin Live’s Enabler is highly effective and makes a great deal of sense as a simple fit-and-forget upgrade”
Hi Fi Choice

“I couldn’t believe all the detail, clarity and timbre that I was hearing for the first time. Like looking at a street lamp in the dark with smudged specs, then cleaning them with a microfibre cloth and seeing the difference! I wonder what other hidden value we have in our turntables through using enhancements?!
The service from Origin Live is to be complimented on especially with regard to quickly responding to e-mailed inquiries, thus another satisfied client!” Read more owner comments >
Dave Parmee

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