Chameleon Audio - Graphite Turntable MAT
Chameleon Audio - Graphite Turntable MAT
  • 285.00€

3 years ago I make many products for repress the vibration for audio machines . The result after using isolation feet and graphite clamp is amazing. Now it's time for Turnatble MAT.

It is very difficult point because the vibration from the cartridge head is very big and only the 10% of vibration becomes sound . "One cartridge very discerning and sensitive". After 3 years of work now the result is the pay for us.

We suppress the vibration large part and now the cartridge is free to yield the best . You can use the MAT up in any turntable mass or with suspension and after adjust the VTA I am sure you not believe in your ear. "It is not magic,it is real."

Opens and wet voices at constant locations within the soundstage. The purely limits and the distances between the organs are very clear , clean and deep bass, large soundstage with levels and stratifications.

Very low details now comes . . flow naturally of the music. Years now you invest money in expensive heads because you like the best, now the time come to listen your diamonds


Our graphite Mat has thickness 5mm and is from exotic quality graphite material like all our products but with different develop.

This quality graphite is the most expensive in the world and the steps for develop are very difficult but this is my way.

"For best result use with Graphite clamp"

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