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Pearl, a new Consequence Series analogue interconnect is terminated with rhodium-plated RCA or XLR plugs, and is made of OCC copper conductor. The outer diameter of Pearl interconnect (15,5mm) forced us to use innovative plugs.
One of the new technological solutions is double screening of each multi-wire conductor and additional screening of the whole cable. Thanks to such screening the signal is not affected by an electromagnetic field
All Consequence cables are screened in Double Coating Process system; unique braids of different density are applied to provide full protection against external influences.  The development of Multi-Shields system was a highly labour-consuming process that involved hundreds of hours spent in the laboratory.
Consequence Series is strongly recommended for Hi-End systems.
M1- Modification 0.1 (May 2014)
- Pearl Consequence analogue interconnect has been equipped with antistatic couplers made by Acoustic Points. Additional security and purer signal! The coupler is an active element scattering electrostatic micro-charges on the surface of a cable. To read more about the technology and the material, please visit Acoustic Points website.
- We have equipped the new version of the cable with gold-plated WBT plugs
- We have also applied a new liquid covering soldering called Mica Security Liquid. The liquid has excellent anti-vibration properties. Thanks to its extremely liquid consistency it fills all the micro slits protecting the whole soldering surface. It removes heat emitted by current and thus extends the lifespan of soldering. It is electrically neutral and non-flammable. To learn more about the liquid, please check Mica Security Liquid bookmark.
- To each cable we add a sample of  Mica Clear liquid for cleaning plugs and receptacles.

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