Fc8 full range driver
Fc8 full range driver
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Cube Audio Fc8 is the 8″ fullrange driver that provides second to none listening experience.

Due to numerous In-house developed technologies, it is one of the most advanced fullrange speakers that ever existed.

Customisation of every component has resulted in rich, dynamic, open, natural sound that redefines term “fullrange driver”. Fc8 is a completely new quality in fullrange speakers.

The level of openness, microdetail, resloution and overall holography is never to be found in fullrange drivers before.

One of the most sophisticated magnetic motor allows this 8 inch speaker to outclass many well established tweeters.

Solutions and technologies used in Fc8 fullrange driver:

Copper & Aluminium Faraday Ring System

Mixed magnet motor (Neodimium + Ferrite)

Ultralinear low dumping spider

Underhung voice coil

Multicoated waterproof paper cones


Additional information

Citlivost 92 dB

Druh magnetu ferrite, neodymium

Impedance 6 ohm

Průměr 222 mm

QES 0.39

QMS 14.3

QTS 0.38

Rezonanční frekvence 42 Hz

Váha 5 kg

Velikost 101 mm

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