Mega Acoustic AcouScreen PET - acoustic free-hanging panels
Mega Acoustic AcouScreen PET - acoustic free-hanging panels
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AcouScreen PET panels are a modern, ecological and, above all, effective way to improve the acoustics of a room.

Cloud type ceiling acoustic panels are a modern way to improve the acoustics of the interior.

A ceiling is often the best option to reduce reverberation and reflection in a room, leading directly to improved speech intelligibility and acoustic comfort in a room.

PET panels are a modern, ecological and, above all, effective way to improve the acoustics of a room.

PET series panels (HexaPet, SqPET, TriPET) are made of at least 70% recycled materials.

They have high values ​​of the sound absorption coefficient, additionally strengthened by filling the panels with mineral wool.

A great advantage of the panels made entirely of PET and mineral wool is their very high non-flammability class (reaction to fire class B-S1 according to EN 13501).

The panels are available in several attractive colors with the possibility of additional printing, which translates into an infinite number of possible forms.

We have great possibilities to prepare individual arrangements and projects of PET panels, including individual shapes, options for milling and cutting out sophisticated shapes.

We invite you to consult with our specialists to present your idea and determine the feasibility of its implementation ( , tel. 535 762 387).


Dimensions: 240 x120 cm 

Reaction to fire class B-S1 according to EN 13501.

Ease of assembly.

Adjustable height from 10cm to 1m below the mounting surface / ceiling.

A wide range of colors. Possibility to prepare panels to size, individual finishes.

Option of printing on the surface of the material.

Application Reduce reverberation in a room Increasing the speech transmission index (STI) Reducing reverberation noise, silencing the room

Design: Workmanship / materials PET series panels are made of 100% acoustic materials:

The structure is made of PET sheets with a thickness of 9mm All materials have appropriate hygienic and non-flammability certificates in class B-S1 according to the standard for building elements EN 13501. Use / cleaning Hard and soft acoustic panels can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, using a brush attachment.

Assembly tip Remarks When installing the product, the rules and regulations of occupational health and safety as well as the applicable provisions of the construction law must be observed.

And: in case of fire, extinguish: with water, CO2 foam or dry extinguishing agents, the product is sterile after manufacture; in the event of contact of foam particles with the eyes - rinse the eye with water to remove foam particles, take precautionary measures (protective clothing, mask, glasses) in case of contact with the skin, wash with soap and water, if foam particles come into contact with the eyes, rinse the eye under running water, the product should not be exposed to heat sources, high temperature above 85 o C, open fire, smoke, water, strong acids and bases, petroleum products and their derivatives should not be exposed .

LIBRA     5 kg

DIMENSIONS 2.7 × 120 × 240 cm

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