Mega Acoustic H&S Ledge 60 x 60
Mega Acoustic H&S Ledge 60 x 60
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H&S Ledge - Acoustic panels belonging to the group of HYBRID absorbers , new acoustic systems based on mineral wool combined with classic and well-known acoustic foam, designed to absorb sound, ideal for first reflections and reducing reverberation.

Broadband sound absorption allows for excellent control of reflections from the walls and ceiling, as well as reduction of reverberation in the room.

Appropriately protected high density mineral wool was used as the damping material. It is a proven and effective sound absorbing material, widely used all over the world, offers a high sound absorption coefficient already in the 125 Hz band.

H&S Ledge panels have confirmed sound absorption properties, made in accordance with applicable standards.

Features * wide range of applications, from offices or larger rooms / halls to private listening rooms

* sound absorption in a wide frequency band

* panels reduce reverberation time and minimize the effect of the first bounce at the listening point, reduce flutter echo

* high absorption coefficient

* all designed in a rectangular block with dimensions of 60 x 60 x 10 cm and a weight of 6kg

Application Indoor acoustics often suffer from low frequency problems.

The panels are perfect for improving the acoustics of a recording studio, director, rehearsal rooms, office, call-center rooms, conference rooms, clubs, kindergartens, shopping malls and other more intimate rooms such as home theaters, and listening rooms.

For better readability, dynamics and quality of music and all types of sound, they reduce reverb and rumble. In small rooms, there are already one - two well-chosen systems can significantly change the room's acoustics.

Design Regardless of whether we plan to silence the walls, ceiling or floor, these are elements of our surroundings, which means that it will affect the appearance of our interior and our well-being.

Thanks to the wide range of sizes and thicknesses of the panels, as well as their rich colors, we can design compositions that will not only improve the acoustics, but also create a unique, modern room design.

That is why we give you the opportunity to use not only the ready-made configurations of acoustic systems but the ability to create your own individual / personalized combinations of panels.

Execution / materials Acoustic panels (hard acoustics) are made on a precision CNC machine tool solid construction thanks to a rigid frame made of oiled plywood so that the panel will last a long time and be resistant to damage.

The soundproofing is made of high quality 200mm glass mineral wool Specification of Rockwool Rockslab Acoustic mineral wool

* highest non-flammable class A1

* sound insulation with very good sound absorption coefficient

*hydrophobized product - non-absorbent * low thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0.036 [W / mK]

* vapor permeable - MU1 parameter declared * Classification EN 13162: 2012 + A1 2015

* Product code: MW- EN 13162- T2-WS-MU1

* Hygienic certificate: GUM / 199/322/215/2016

The hard part is decorated with a decorative front. The back is finished with 4 mm HDF board to strengthen the frame of the acoustic system, with cut out mounting holes for easy assembly.

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