NEW Reed 1H Tonearm
NEW Reed 1H Tonearm
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Reed 1H is the latest addition to our entry level tonearm series.

Differences between acoustical properties of damped and undamped carbon fiber wand are shown in Figures 1 and 2.

And, for the first time, we introduce carbon fiber as primary Reed 1H’s armwand material.

After a thorough research we found a way to make the carbon fiber armwand’s acoustic properties close to ones that normally are typical for the wood.

By using soft wood to damp the carbon fiber tube, our new armwand’s acoustic properties become considerably better than using carbon fiber alone, and can be compared to wooden armwands.


Effective length                                            9.5″                10.5″               12″

Mounting distance, mm                             223                 251.6              295.6

Pivot to spindle distance, mm                   223                 251.6              295.6   

Overhang, mm                                             17                   15.4                 13.4

Offset angle, deg                                         22.9                20.7                 17.6

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