RCA 845 Pair
RCA 845 Pair
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Here you have the unique chance to acquire the creme de la creme of 845 audio tubes:

A matched quad of the legendary 845 tubes manufactured by RCA, offered in New Old Stock (NOS) and New In Box (NIB) condition!

All tubes are new, never used.

All tubes are absolutely perfect in aesthetic terms

All tubes come into their original carton boxes

All tubes have been manufactured identically, they all carry identical production codes 78-48 All tubes have been checked and verified by myself and not somebody else, in order to guarantee their perfect operation against transconductance and noise.

They were not measured and checked simply under 500V or 600V like almost everybody around does but under real life conditions, at ~1.130 Volts DC! With one purchase you get all four pieces, all NOS, all identical in construction, all in identical condition!

The tubes measure as follows at

Vf:10.0VDC: Tube V1: Va: 1130 Volts, Vg: -179 Volts, Ia: 66.8 mA Tube V2: Va: 1125 Volts, Vg: -182 Volts, Ia: 67.9 mA Tube V3: Va: 1120 Volts, Vg: -187 Volts, Ia: 69.9 mA Tube V4: Va: 1127 Volts, Vg: -185 Volts, Ia: 68.7 mA You can see the measurements on the picture I have attached, along with the typical values of a normal, good tube.

The suggested normal value for this tube variant at Va: 1130V & Vg:-180V is around 45-50mA.

The measurements of the tubes verify that they are all exactly as they seem to be: PERFECT in any way! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY TERMS OF SALE LISTED BELOW.

Price is for one pair .

Available 2 pairs in double price 

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