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Now equipped with our newly developed cellulose laminated woven carbon fiber driver, as well as Beryllium dome tweeters. This new version of the Dulcet BE is more sensitive, better tonally balanced and presents easier impedance loads to amplifiers. It sounds faster, more detailed and more transparent with an astonishingly deep and resolute bass from it's diminutive size. The treble is seamlessly integrated and pristine, delivering a relentlessly engaging musicality even in larger rooms.


Sensitivity                            88 dB

Impedance                           6 Ohms

Frequency Response         48Hz to 40KHz

Power Handling                  80 Watts RMS

Phase                                     Coherent


Height                   12" (30 cm)

Width                    7.5" (19 cm)

Depth                    9.5" (24 cm)

Weight                  15 lbs (7 kg) each


Loudspeaker enclosures made in smaller dimensions are inherently more rigid, reducing box resonance dramatically. Driver components mounted closer will naturally create a better point source to propagate more uniform sound waves. Smaller cabinet size improves cabinet diffraction effects for enhanced clarity. However, most compact loudspeakers have some sonic traits that are commonly accepted as natural limitations. They lack lower bass fundamentals, dynamics, efficiency and they generally sound small.In keeping with the characteristically full and dynamic Reference 3A sound, a radically new approach was implemented to design our Dulcet BE from the ground up.

All commonly known design parameters were re-evaluated over an extensive period of time. All alternative methods known or newly created by us were applied. Often ignoring commonly known physical limitations and natural obstacles, a thoroughly new main driver was developed. This amazing four-inch driver fulfills our objective of achieving unusually deep and articulate bass. The Reference 3A Dulcet BE will set new standards for compact monitor loudspeaker designs in achieving uncommonly full and rich sound. As with all our other Reference 3A designs, Dulcet's main driver is also directly coupled to amplifiers. Without crossover components interfering with musical signal flow the sound is responsive, fast and articulate.

A simple, very high quality high pass filter is used on the treble unit for better integrated sound. The cabinets are constructed to be very rigid with critical bracing. The massive motor assembly of the driver is mechanically grounded to damp and reduce superfluous vibration energy. All the drivers are broken in for at least 100 hours for meaningful pair matching to very close tolerances. The recent updates to the Dulcet BE include a new beryllium tweeter which extends to 40 Khz, and the Nextel matte coated cabinet which reduces diffraction effects and absorbs surface vibrations. The Dulcet BE is also available in two types of traditional wood veneers, cherry or maple, with a choice of satin or gloss finish. The Dulcet has been awarded TAS editor's choice for 2001, 2010 and 2012.

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