Revival Audio ATALANTE 5 stand speakers
Revival Audio ATALANTE 5 stand speakers
  • 4,800.00€

Available Options

  • RASC 28mm soft-dome tweeter & 75mm soft-dome mid-range driver
  • ARID+ (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology
  • Revival Audio RASC Coating Recipe
  • First-in-Industry BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) 12” woofer
  • 1-piece real wood inclined stand available in the box to lift up the speaker at 8 degrees for the best listening angle F
  • abric grills included
  • Hand-picked walnut veneer
  • Modern and solid dedicated stands in option

Our Debut, 30+ Years of Expertise It is our debut, from almost four decades of expertise and know-how behind many well-known flagship models among top tier brands.

ATALANTE models are designed, engineered and assembled in France. With every single detail designed from scratch and after hundreds hours of experiments, we can now bring our edging technologies and proudly present you ATALANTE, our first series at the Next-Level sound as we stated in our slogan.

Please join us, to unseal the magical moment of listening!


We believe: Sound is an Art, on top of its scientific nature. A Revival Audio product = An Art Piece of Sound.

The collaboration with the A+A COOREN DESIGN STUDIO (Le French Design 100 Award French designers based in Paris) made this belief become a reality.

The French-Japanese fusion adds exclusive details to ATALANTE from its retro style.

Your eyes will be firstly caught by the unique belt & knot design, with laser-etched Revival Audio logo.

The hand-picked walnut veneer, the side logo, and the 2-piece grill. Every details, for your enduring listening and admiring its beauty.


ATALANTE 5, the 3-way model equipped with the 28mm soft-dome tweeter, 75mm mid-range driver, and its built-in Revival Audio ARID+ (Anti Reflection Inner Dome) patented technology, to absorb 95+% of resonance in the chamber.

Moreover, the first-ever in High-End BSC (Basalt Sandwich Construction) 12” woofer is the best balance found between rigid and light-weight, with its great damping construction, provides fast and smooth responses with tight bass dynamics.

ATALANTE 5 is the model best-containing everything you need: sophisticated high frequency, sweet mid-tone and impressive bass dynamics.

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