Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII. 12-13V
Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII. 12-13V
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With the BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade the purification of the current starts immediately there where the polluted current enters the power supply.

The dual stage mains filter and earth line choke removes high frequency pollution before the current reaches the transformer.

The transformer is a custom-made audio grade transformer with electrostatic shielding.

The transformer of the MKII power supply is also magnetic shielded.

The electronic design is innovative: it gets 50% more energy out of the used electronics and consumes even up to 35% less energy than a conventional design.

The BOTW P&P ECO audio upgrade concept is so efficient that it consumes only a bit more energy than the standard supplied high efficient, but also highly polluting switch mode adapter.

The BOTW P&P ECO costs annually only a couple of euro extra on your energy bill for a priceless sound experience.At the end of the DC cable you find our unique split-current system.

The power supply part of the BOTW P&P ECO provides the split-current system with continuous powerful and clean power, so the electronics can do their job profoundly: 1) to buffer the power, so that the power supply becomes fast, and 2) to filter one last time the voltage and current before they enter the audio device.

This unique upgrade power supply with its large headroom delivers at all times sufficient clean power to the audio device to ensure a stable and continuous performance of the internal processes of the audio device in order to get the best performance out of the audio device.

This combination of power and precision results in “easy” music, a perfect soundstage and a natural detailed sound.

  • Product highlights: 50% more output current;
  • Power saving design;
  • 2 characteristics in 1 product:
  • Power for high current demanding equipment;
  • Precision for noise sensitive equipment;

  • 3 selectable output voltages;
  • IEC 14 power inlet for suitable High-end mains cables;
  • High performance dual stage mains filter;
  • Earth line choke; Overvoltage protection;
  • Custom made high efficient audio grade transformer;
  • High quality polypropylene film capacitors;
  • No-noise Sbooster split current system.

Features of the MKII to improve the power flow, reduce mechanical stress and to lower the internal impedance & resistance:

High quality PCBs:

Double sided 2oz. copper Gold plated finish Better and thicker quality heatsink Upgraded internal wiring:

High quality silver plated copper with PTFE insulation Transformer:

Electrostatic shielding HF Magnetic shielding

Upgraded low ESR bulk capacitors Improved reference-circuit

Next generation split-current unit New DC-output cable with additional shielding and sleeve

Custom-made DC-plugs Gold plated connector pins split-current unit.

Versatile: The BOTW P&P ECO is available in 11 output voltages. By clever design we have combined these 11 output voltages into 6 models.

Every model – except for the 24V model - has three output settings.

Also every BOTW P&P ECO is equipped with a self-locking interchangeable DC-tip system.

This combination of the multi voltage settings and self-locking interchangeable DC-tip system makes the BOTW P&P ECO the most versatile linear audio upgrade power supply ever.

Scroll further down for a DC-tip overview per power supply model.

Safety approvals: The BOTW P&P ECO upgrade power supplies have been tested and certified by TÜV Rheinland and KTL.

Models and output voltage & current BOTW P&P ECO 5-6V MKII: 5V – 3A 6V – 1.75A 6.5V – 1.6A BOTW P&P ECO 9-10V MKII 9V - 2.33A 10V - 1.25A 10.5V - 1.1A BOTW P&P ECO 12-13V MKII 12V - 3A 13V - 2.25A 13.5V - 2.1A BOTW P&P ECO 15-16V MKII 15V - 2.5A 16V - 1.85A 16.5V - 1.65A BOTW P&P ECO 18-19V MKII 18V - 2,25A 18.5V - 2.0A 19V - 1.75A BOTW P&P ECO 24V MKII 24V -

1.1AGeneral specifications: Mains Voltage Selection: 100 Volt AC 50/60Hz 110 Volt AC 50/60Hz 115 Volt AC 50/60Hz 120 Volt AC 50/60Hz 220 Volt AC 50/60Hz 230 Volt AC 50/60Hz 240 Volt AC 50/60Hz

Transformer: 35VA (5-6V and 9-10V models) 50VA audio grade toroidal with electrostatic and magnetic shielding

Mains filter: High performance dual stage mains filter with earth line choke Rectifier bridge:

Power Schottky barrier rectifiersBulk capacitors:

Low Impedance High Ripple Current Capacitors Regulator:

High-current ultra-fast transient response LDO with external high precision shunt reference circuit Filter capacitors:

Non inductive polypropylene film capacitors DC power cord:

95cm 16 AWG spiral shielded, additional shielding and sleeving, integrated Sbooster Split-current system and interchangeable gold plated DC-plug-connector

Mains cable: Stock supplied

Size and Weight: 240*130*75mm / 1.85Kg Warranty: 24 Months

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