Sigma Acoustics MAAT Classic
Sigma Acoustics MAAT Classic
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MAATs are three-way speakers, nine speakers per channel, 102 dB of efficiency and a linear impedance of 8 ohms.

The dimensions and weights are important 58x205x90 cm WxHxD and 300 kg each.

The speakers are custom built to specifications, with very close tolerances and are not derived from series models, only in this way was it possible to create a perfect synergy between them.

The 42 cm woofer is made of carbon fiber and special paint for the ideal structural consolidation capable of reducing breack-up resonances, the coil is large in size with double magnetic equipment.

The combination of sounds between the drivers used in the Orchestra is refined and unique, all to obtain times of "sound" and times of "silence" consistent with low frequencies up to the most subtle harmonics of the highest tones.

Heil's tw or better known as Air Motion Transformer recognized as one of the best drivers for high frequencies of all time.

The greater speed with which it creates sound and the speed with which it returns to silence are unreachable and give a sense of cleanliness and naturalness to sounds and its harmonics.

The bipolar emission increases the three-dimensionality and the feeling of having music and its performers in front of us.

The new ultra-light Accuton midrange with ultra-powerful magnets to control the damping factor (silence) in a coherent way at the time of the tweeter tuned in a dedicated cabinet releases mid-range harmonics and reverbs through the milling and slits at the rear of the cabinet together with the sounds of the AMT.


The latest generation Revelator series Scan Speak handcrafted construction woofer tuned in the particular cabinet to tune and harmonize low and very low frequencies up to the limits of the audible.

Absolutely amazing!

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