Signal Projects Andromeda RCA 1,3m
Signal Projects Andromeda RCA 1,3m
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Andromeda cables are made to meet the requirements of the finest electronic circuits of today.

The impressively low LCR values, the sophisticated PSD shielding system and their unique grounding topology, form an outstanding signal path that will take audio reproduction to the next level.  Conductor Type: Hybrid Cross Sectional Area: 0,98mm2

Metals: Copper, Silver & Gold Purity: 99,999994% (Copper)

Specifications Capacitance (XLR): 16,80 pF/ft

Capacitance (RCA): 29,50 pF/ft

Resistance: 7,30 mΩ/ft

Inductance: 0,42 μH/ft

Shielding: Braided Copper in PSD configuration Conductor’s

Insulation: Polyolefin, Polytetrafluoroethylene

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