Tellurium Q Black digital RCA cable
Tellurium Q Black digital RCA cable
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Developed from and improved upon the previous acclaimed waveform cables, this build can be specified as BNC or RCA at one or both ends. The new hf class of waveform cables have improved shielding and has in its tech arsenal some other interesting developments that help the digital signal.

HiFi Choice

“musical and compelling with well controlled double basses positioned alongside a clear and precise top end”

– Neville Roberts, HiFi Choice

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Image HiFi

“With the Tellurium Q cables the notes and sounds become music, contexts become clear, emotions transcend musical reproduction, you can hear the wood, the vibration of vocal cords: magical. …the digital cable offer great bang for your buck”

– Christian Bayer, Image

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“This turned out to be an interesting and almost immediate over tuning of any ‘bits is bits’ mentality I might have still been harbouring.”

– Nicholas Ripley, HiFi +

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