Tsakiridis Hermes Integrated Amplifier
Tsakiridis Hermes Integrated Amplifier
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Hermes Integrated amplifier Incorporates four ELB4 per channel in dual push pull configuration.


Hermes Integrated Amplifier 2x25W 8X EL84, 2X 12AT7, 1X 12AX7.

  • Remote Control.
  • Three line inputs.
  • 24bit/96kHz USB input.
  • High quality relays for input selection.
  • Headphones output.
  • Motorized blue Alps volume control.
  • Handmade multilayer output transformers.
  • Lifetime guarantee for transformers.
  • Five Years Guarantee.


Hermes Ultima

  • Mundorf evo silver gold oil signal capacitors.
  • 16 layer output transformers.
  • Silver soldered.
  • High quality cathode and grid resistors.
  • WBT-0703 Nextgen speaker connectors.

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