Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm
Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm
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Clearaudio Champion Level II plus Unify Tonearm plus Discovery Cartridge

Condition 9/10


Do you want to dive deep into the emotional process of music reproduction?

Take a moment to consider the features of the Champion Level II Double chassis construction

Heavy decoupling bases 70 mm precision

TOTAL WEIGHT Approx. 36 kgS

PEED RANGES 33 ⅓ and 45 rpm (78 rpm optional)

CONSTRUCTION DETAILSResonance optimised shape, belt drive.

SPEED RANGES33 ⅓ and 45 rpm (78 rpm optional)

DRIVE UNITSeparately housed synchronous motor in a massive stainless steel case

BEARINGPolished and hardened steel, polished bearing housing, sintered bronze, inverted

PLATTERGS-PMMA / acrylic, Surface CNC-precision milled. 2.8 inches / 70 mm


TOTAL WEIGHTApprox. 36 kg

DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in inches)Approx. 18.5 x 15.3 x 8.6 DIMENSIONS (W/D/H in mm)Approx. 470 x 390 x 220

UNIFY High performance in a nutshell


A sapphire bearing and a hardened, precision polished steel tip are at the heart of a tonearm made of the best materials - and probably one of the best unipivot constructions in the high-end audio history.

The base consists of a stainless steel pillar, the arm is made of carbon fibre and the bell is made of aluminium.

This clever mix of materials guarantees resonancefreebehaviour resulting in seemingly gigantic sound spectra of vivid colours and rich detail.

Effective weight reduction ensures that the friction in the single-point bearing approaches zero.

The vertical and horizontal tracking angle are adjusted separately.

The proven SIXSTREAM PLUS TONEARM CABLE used in the Unify provides an unbroken signal path.

Any passionate audiophile cannot fail to be enchanted by the Unify.

Discovery Cartridge specs

Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

Output Voltage: 0.5 mV

Stylus Shape: 5 X 40 µm

Internal Ohms: 50

Loading Range: >500

Weight: 8.0g

Compliance: 15

Tracking: 2.2-3.0g

*no box available but we can made safety box for transport and of course insurance for shipping


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