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Ferrum HYPSSO Review


Ferrum is a Polish manufacturer with just two products under their belt, the OOR headphone amplifier and the product we have in for review here, the HYPSOS power supply costing €995/$995.

The HYPSOS is suitable for a wide range of products but in this review Dave Robson checks the product out with his Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.

After a conversation with Marcin Hamerla from HEM about the displays on the Brooklyn DAC+ in my “Mytek Digital Users Group” on Facebook, our conversation steered into a private chat about power supplies. I have used upgraded power supplies on other equipment and have found that DAC’s especially improve with Linear Power Supplies (LPS) over the supplied Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) or “Wall Warts” as some call them.

My earlier experience with a Chromecast Audio and upgrading that to an ifi 5v LPS brought a big improvement to my system.

When I bought my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ I was advised by one of the knowledgeable reviewers at HiFi Pig magazine to try an upgraded power supply, which I did, this again brought improvements, the music benefited from a bigger and expanded sound stage, a fuller-bodied experience without getting overblown a cleaner delivery with greater clarity and depth.

So I was very happy to be asked by Marcin to evaluate this new power supply by “Ferrum” the HYPSOS.

The Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ is a fantastic DAC / Pre and I also use mine as a Preamp pushing signals towards my Nord NC500se mk2 D Class

Power Amplifier, as well as being the heart of my digital system.

I had a pre-production model of the HYPSOS to have a play with, and a few weeks ago received the full-blown finished article.


The HYPSOS is a hybrid power system and combines the best features of both linear and switching power supplies.

It delivers exactly what the equipment requires, when it requires it, and how it requires it.

Which sounds like an excellent plan to me.

So on unpacking this model, I had the unit itself, which is quite weighty and well finished.

It’s a little larger than the DAC, (W217,50 mm x L206,50 mm x H50 mm,

Net weight: 2,89 kg) but similar in aesthetics.

The finish is flat matt/dark grey (similar to the 80’s Technics colour), with a simple central OLED display with a control knob located on the right-hand side.

To the left, an area finished off in what looks like suede and is deep rust brown finish, and within that, a central logo “Fe” which lights up white.

On the rear, you have a DC output, an IEC standard power input, with an ON/OFF rocker switch.

Also supplied are a 12v trigger socket and a Micro USB input (for firmware updates).

A power cable was supplied, as were two DC output cables of 2.5 and 2.1mm diameter for different applications.

A spare fuse is also supplied and located in the same holder unit as the main fuse at the rear of the power supply.

So that’s the basics, a nice simple and stylish design. Now for switch on and set up.

The options after the welcome screen are quite simple – the selection knob moves left and right and it’s a simple push to select.

There are lots of pre-set options for many products and a custom setting – find your product, select it, you get a little countdown for the setting to take place, and then you’re good to go.

You can manually set the power supply up too – you need to find your polarity of Centre Positive or Negative and your voltage.

So, for instance, my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ is positive polarity and rated at 12v, but with the Fe HYPSOS you can tweak this and there seems to be a recommendation for the voltage to be set at 13.2V – this is a safe level and ok’d by Mytek.

This is my preferred setting, so the HYPSOS makes this possible and makes it easy to do. It really is so easy.

The regulated output voltage level can be set to a 5-30V range with current up to 6A and power up to 80W, making this is a very versatile power supply.


Unusually, this review isn’t like any other I’ve done.

It’s not like a specific piece of equipment, cable, or a defined change, but rather how this power supply enhances what I already have.

Playing a few of my regular review albums, the changes the HYPSOS brought to the party was immediately noticeable.

The initial difference was that the sound had somewhat spread out, the sound stage had effortlessly eased itself into every nook in my listening space.

It had also shifted a little lower, so the main bulk of the sound sits just above the speaker height.

This for me gives a more realistic position and a structured setting in my smaller listening environment. It’s still “above” and “around” but just more focused.

The audible vista experienced had an extra depth and texture to it. I’d always liked my Mytek DAC for its verve and energy, but the addition of the power supply added a hint of Champagne to a Prosecco fuelled party. Still a crisp delivery of detail and timbre, but with a slightly raised level of sheen and polish, not a softening but an awareness of quality and a more expensive delivery, if that makes sense?

A fully connective and more expressive expanse of sound, but not in an overblown, coloured or bloated way

.I switched to XLR cables some time ago and immediately experienced a “blacker” separation between all vocals and instruments from my previous RCA setup, and this same effect was yet again apparent by adding the Ferrum HYPSOS.

I’d never have thought this possible to improve on where I was, to add more “nothingness” but here it is, an extra deeper void of open silence.

This perceived improvement in “nothingness” gave me the ability to pinpoint a single instrument, vocal, or sound effect in the mix of music.

Now, this isn’t exactly what music is about, I grant you, it’s about listening to the whole ensemble and the music as a whole.

However, for me, this separation allows complex music like “Rock” to come into its own, and rather than be more a wall of noise I now have more structure and involvement with the band and their music.

The biggest impact for me, without doubt, is in the delivery of the bass and lower end of the frequency scale.

This isn’t about bigger bass, it’s not even about pushing the equipment to give a lower frequency response, it’s about how the Ferrum HYPSOS manages to deliver its power so the equipment can grip the bass and make it as tuneful and purposeful as I can imagine it can be.

Now, this could be an effect of the HYPSOS on the Preamp section of the Mytek, but whatever it is affecting, the resulting sound you can feel in what seems to be the waves or pulses of bass energy.

It “feels” so controlled without being constrained or dry, it’s juicy and full but without fuzziness or flab.

It just makes the whole experience a more enjoyable fulfilling and musical place to be.


I have to keep reminding myself this isn’t a new piece of equipment, but an addition or add on to the original set-up I have.

The Ferrum HYPSOS is like the final piece in a jigsaw, or the seasoning to a wonderful meal – it just seems to keep on giving sweet rewards.

Albums that I could listen to and skip through now command listening to intently, my attention fully grabbed and pulled towards the recording – or should I say I’m further into the performance due to the expanded airiness and control of what the HYPSOS brings to the listener. It’s accurate, informative and musical to boot.

Once you hear the benefits, you’ll never want to go back.


A great addition to your HiFi and musical experience.

It’s also very adaptable and the HYPSOS isn’t just for a single make or marque and this makes it a bit of a Swiss Army Knife of a power supply.

I only had one piece of equipment to power, but I’d really hope that it will bring the same benefits to all the HiFi it can connect to.

The list of available DACs it can power is growing and the firmware is up-datable and expanding – ensure you check out if your product is covered before buying

Build Quality: Looks, fit and finish, feel and operation are great

Sound Quality: If you want to glean the last bit of performance from what you have you may well benefit from a Ferrum HYPSOS in your life.

This is the “icing on the cake” with regards to my already excellent Mytek product

Value For Money: At nearly 1k Euro, this isn’t a cheap addition, as it’s nearly half the price of the DAC being used.

However, this really does take you to another level – I’ve heard DACs at the price point of both units combined and it’s a close call.

The fact that this can be used with other equipment choices at a later date is a superb added bonus and one which future proofs your purchase.

We Loved: It drags every bit of performance out of the equipment.

It has multiple uses and is very versatile for the enthusiast.

Continued support and development from Ferrum.

We Didn’t Love So Much: Nothing of note other than it isn’t cheap. Price: 995 Euro / USD.

Thank you HiFi Pig Link 

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