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Revival Audio Atalante 5 The EAR review

French company Revival Audio may be a freshly launched brand, but the two main protagonists have decades of experience in the audio industry behind them. Principle designer Daniel Emonts has an impressive portfolio, being part of design teams responsible for many acclaimed models, in particular from Focal and Dynaudio. Strategic executive Jacky Lee was also involved with Dynaudio and major IT and beauty product brands. The Revival Audio brand launched with two speaker models, the standmount two-way Atalante 3 and the larger three-way Atalante 5 reviewed here. Dedicated stands for each model are also offered. I was impressed to read that Revival claim that the entire speaker, including drive units and internal components are both designed and manufactured in-house. They did, however collaborate with Parisian design studio A+A Cooren on the styling.

Interestingly, Revival has chosen to market and sell the Atalante range directly to the customer, offering free delivery and a 45-day trial period. On top of this, a bold 10-year warranty is provided. Towards the end of this review, I was informed Revival Audio now has a UK distributor, so perhaps there will be changes to their sales model.

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