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I visit Tellurium Q for a Statement Experience PART II

Some History I travelled to Taunton in the South West of the UK to visit Tellurium Q.

This is only my second time in Taunton and my first visit to the Tellurium Q listening room. It was back in July 2018 when the roles were reversed, and Geoff Merrigan Tellurium Q Managing Director visited the Pursuit Perfect System listening room armed with a huge box of cables to demo to me.

On that day I listened to full cable looms of Tellurium Q Black II, Ultra Black, Black Diamond, Silver Diamond and also the brand new Statement cables. I will always remember this day, it was a very hot day for the UK and I spent most of it with my bum up in the air reaching over to change the cables from a Luxman Pre power setup to my reference speakers at the time, the KEF Reference 3

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