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Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Review in Ear

“In theory the all-digital 3400 really ought to be impervious to such a change, but even here playing the same litany of tunes as before, everything seemed to improve.

Bass seemed a tad faster, the midrange took on extra realism and the higher frequencies gained air and lightness.

Once again, I switched the mains cables back and forth, but could hear the improvement every time the Ultra Black II joined the party. It wasn’t a fluke.

I then switched in the Ultra Black II [power cable] and was almost pinned into my listening chair.

Without changing the volume setting on the K135 the whole thing seemed to have got louder, with an additional level of heft to John Entwistle’s already thunderous bass and Keith Moon’s drum kit.

For a record made more than half a century ago I felt that I was in a live concert setting, it was really that immersive.

Needless to say this was pretty addictive, and album followed album, always with the same effect.

It is counter-intuitive to use such an expensive mains cable on a relatively modest amplifier, but I am now convinced that it is actually money well spent.

If you have an amplifier in the hotly contested £5k region, you really should ask your local Tellurium Q dealer to let you hear one of these on your system.

Save your ‘snake oil’ barbs, this cable is the real deal.”

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