Clarisys Audio Minuet Speakers
Clarisys Audio Minuet Speakers
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Welcome to our Minuet, the entry into the Clarisys Audio world.

This model features some unique design properties not found in other planar speakers currently on the market which enhances your listening pleasure.

This model uses a double sided bass panel, which allows for more current to flow through the panel and react more accurate in the magnetic field plus being an easier to drive impedance.

Our ribbon tweeter starts at 500Hz (250Hz @-6db) and is a multi segmented 5 trace design.

The entire speaker is very rigid and has no flex due to its aluminium exosceleton!

The only parts moving are the panels, and nothing else! We use high quality copper foil internal wiring, point to point to ensure exceptional signal transfer and musicality.

You can also order this speaker in any color you wish at no extra charge, just submit der RAL color code to your dealer.

The speaker is build using rare earth magnets, neodymium.

This pushes the efficiency of the speaker and allows the use of tube amplifiers with a matching 4ohm output transformer.

These speakers sound like flowing water and are very musical, organic and lightning fast with a true, deep bass response.

No subwoofer needed!

Every driver is from the same material with the same motor structure.

If you play any type of instrument, it will have the same harmonics over the entire spectrum.

Height: 121cm

Depth: 9cm

Width: 70cm

Weight: 95 kg a piece without flightcase packaging (215kg shipping weight)

Inputs: 4 Inputs (Bi-Wire) and Jumpers included.

Grounding plug for Shunyata Altaira

Grounding Systems to remove Eddie currents System: 2 way design, passive internal crossover using custom made inductors, multicap capacitors and custom made resistors and pure copper foil cabling

Nominal Impedance: 4,25 Ohm


Sensitivity is aprox 87db per 1 Watt at 1KHz (measured single channel, concrete wall 2m behind the speakers, microphone on axis at 1m)

Frequency Range: Below 25Hz to over 25kHz

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