Pass Labs XA 60.8 class A monoblock amplifier
Pass Labs XA 60.8 class A monoblock amplifier
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Offering all the sonic benefits of the .8 amplifier line, a pair of XA60.8's also grace the listener with mono-block performance: dedicated power supplies for each channel, dedicated circuitry for each channel and dedicated chassis' for each channel offer a cleaner, better defined image and soundstage.

Beautiful to the ears and eyes, this model achieves levels of focus and intimacy normally associated with the finest tube amplifiers.

The XA60.8's do all of this while providing greater control and power.



Gain (dB)26


Power Output /ch (8 ohm)60

Power Consumption (Watts)400

Standby Power Consumption (Watts)<1

Unit Dimension (W x D x H) (In.)19 x 21.25 x 7.5

Unit Weight (LBS)88

“Rock-solid dependability, never needing repair” Home Theater Review

“There are speakers that need more power and the XA60.8 is the choice” Dagogo “

So then, you might ask, what is the Pass Labs “family” sound? Different people hear things differently, but for me, it goes something like this: it’s somewhat warm, well-balanced top to bottom, dimensional, and forgiving, all while demonstrating prodigious bass.” John Richardson

“The improvements rendered by the Pass Labs XA60.8s weren’t only in the soundstage; the sound was now, when called for, sweeter, warmer, more delicate—as, for example, with the voices and tenor sax on Getz/Gilberto, an oh, so familiar recording I explored with new interest with the XA60.8s in the system.” Jim Austin Stereophile

Best of 2017 Parttime Audiophile

Recommended Components – 2018 Stereophile

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