Canor Audio AI 1.10 integrated tube amplifier exhibition model
Canor Audio AI 1.10 integrated tube amplifier exhibition model
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The Canor AI 1.10 is a completely new topology integrated tube amplifier with KT88 power tubes.

The aim of the development was to merge the best sound features of the previous models. It works in pure class A (40W) with autobias and cathode feedback, with the option of instantly switching triode and ultra-linear modes. The chassis is a massive welded metal construction that eliminates mechanical vibrations. CMT ™ technology (CANOR ® PCB Milling Technology) was used in the production of printed circuit boards with the latest AI1.10 amplifier.

We have worked on this technology with many years of experience to improve the sound of our products. It allows us to approach the dielectric power dissipation of the printed circuit board (DPS) to the air dissipation factor, as the electron wiring works with relatively high impedances and any deterioration of the tangent (as with capacitors) also results in deterioration of sound image and airiness. With this technology we have achieved such excellent parameters as can be achieved with “wire connections” using only very expensive and high-quality teflon insulated wires.

However, our technology has the advantage of repeatability in production with 100% identical geometric alignment (which is not possible with wire to wire). Relay attenuator has been improved in AI1.10. The attenuator contains two independent blocks for each channel separately, which has improved the already very good channel separation. This control is used for some of the more expensive competitive amplifiers. We have been developing this attenuator for almost a year.

We tried different principles of T and PI cells of different impedances until we developed an attenuator that meets all our initial requirements - gain control after 1dB, maximum attenuation of 63dB, the smallest number of contacts through which the signal passes, for example through similar solutions but with T cells up to 12 relay contacts, independently of the selected volume. With our solution, the signal passes through zero to 6 contacts depending on the volume. This solution finally turned out to be the best in terms of sound.

The benefits of using an accurate volume attenuator have been utilized to design a special C-Link bus for synchronous volume control of two AI1.10s. This technical grif allows you to use two terminal amplifiers in monoblock mode without the need for an additional preamplifier. In monoblock mode, two amplifiers are connected with a special cable, and all master information is synchronously transmitted to the amplifier to request the volume or inputs to the amplifier slave. In this mode, two XLR inputs can be selected and the total power per channel doubles.

By additional shielding of tubes and overall PCB topology together with CMT technology, we managed to achieve crosstalk 4dB better than previous models. This, together with the precision of the attenuator control, creates an excellent reproduced music space and conveys the spatial scene as it was recorded in the recording. The control part that controls the entire amplifier (input switching, volume control and soft start of the entire amplifier) is powered and separated by a separate winding.

The primary and secondary windings are separated by a grounded copper foil with a 50% overlap, which prevents interference from the mains. The anode voltage is filtered by high-quality capacitors that supply energy with accurate and solid bass. One of the most important parts of the tube amplifier - the output transformer has several bifilar windings, which are arranged in sections so that the power bandwidth of the amplifier is as large as possible.

Only high quality polypropylene capacitors are used in the signal path. Input and output terminals are gold plated. Input RCA connectors are gold plated with Teflon insulation. Thorough selection and pairing of all tubes on our unique measuring and burning devices allows us to achieve above-average parameters and, of course, stabilize the tube and extend its life. The solid aluminum front panel is available in black and silver.

The package also includes a stylish remote control.

Technical specification

Output power

2 x 40 W / 4.8Ohm - ultralinear

2 x 20W / 4.8 Ohm - triode

Input sensitivity

500 mV

Frequency range

10 - 50,000 Hz ± 0.5dB / 5W

Input impedance

30 kOhm



Harmonic distortion

<0.05% / 1 kHz, 5W

Noise ratio

> 95 dB

Tube assembly

1x 12AX7, 2x 12AT7, 4x KT88


230V / 50Hz / 375VA

Dimensions (WxHxD)

435 x 170 x 485mm


26 kg


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