Audio Solutions Vantage Classic used like new
Audio Solutions Vantage Classic used like new
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AudioSolutions Vantage is equipped with 26cm subwoofer firing down. It is not visible but it sure does it's thing!


The no compromise AudioSolutions Vantage loudspeaker, our finest achievement to date, took three whole years to design and perfect. Meticulous fine tuning aside, it still takes us eight whole weeks to manufacture each single pair.

A speaker with sound so real, you will be hard pressed to distinguish it from a live performance.

A top class speaker should not be limited to an acoustically treated, no-resonance, anechoic chamber. In fact, such chambers are designed for measurements, not enjoyment of music. That's why a reference AudioSolutions speaker offers something special, not seen elsewhere: an ability to adapt itself to the environment and individual taste of the listener, enabled by a unique fine-tunable crossover.


Designed around a custom version of the exclusive 6" Satori driver with propietary Egyptian Papyrus cone, neodymium magnet and vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis, AudioSolutions Vantage uses only the best drivers available to supplement it. An almost full range operation of the midrange unit ensures, that most of the music comes from a single point source with virtually no phase distortions typical to ordinary designs. Extremely linear, full range driver covers most of the audio band for a naturally coherent musical experience.

For a resonance free construction a special 10 layer sandwich including some layers of stiff and porous Balsa tree (Ochroma pyramidale) wood, is used. Cabinet walls reach an overall thickness of 42mm at some critical points and extensive bracing adds to the inert nature of the cabinet. Curved, non parallel walls and special damping techniques are implemented to achieve the level of pure musicality we strived for during the long months of extensive listening tests.


Dimensions without plinths (HxWxD) : 1434mm x 347mm x 564mm; 56.5 x 13.7 x 22.2in

Dimensions with plinths (HxWxD) : 1490mm x 481mm x 764mm

Weight : 70 kg/154 lbs each

Shipping weight : 105 kg/231 lbs each

Sensitivity : 92 dB @ 2.83V 1m

Nominal power handling : 300 W rms

Maximum unclipped power handling : 600 W

Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms

Crossover frequency : 50 Hz; 200 Hz; 10 000 Hz

Frequency response (in-room environment) : 21-30000 Hz

Drivers : 2.5 cm silk dome tweeter, 17 cm Egyptian Papyrus mid, two 18 cm SPC paper bass drivers, 26 cm aluminium woofer


The very special Satori wide range driver stands out: vented aerodynamic cast aluminium chassis with powerful low distortion neodymium motor system, advanced BIMAX spider for improved linearity, non-conducting fibre glass CCAW voice coil for minimum damping and reduced moving mass all contribute to an extremely musical, high resolution, resonance and distortion free sound. A unique AirCirc 6 neodymium magnet system of the tweeter contributes on top octaves, while two sliced paper cone symmetrical drive motor design woofers add to the bottom. Downward firing subwoofer extends the impressive bandwidth of the Vantage speaker to 21-30 000 Hz.


Side walls of the AudioSolutions Vantage loudspeakers are hand painted in four layers of primer followed by four layers of paint and varnish, altered with as much intermediate polishing rounds. It takes us well over one week to finish just the sides of the speaker, including more than three days of pure polishing. Any blemishes and imperfections are eliminated in the process.

Red, yellow, black, graphite gray or any other colour available. Piano high lustre Xirallic finish lacquer. Choose yourself or contact us for a suggestion. The rest of the speaker is covered in leather and special quartzite texture paint.

If you are interested in customizing veneer type and colors for your taste, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone for further information.

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